Since a Decade, IT industry has witnessed dynamic changes which has resulted in larger enterprises adopt to new technologies and business models which has created a lot of opportunities and competition. Many of staffing companies those provide resources are “Run of Mill” as they were not ready to adapt to the changes and provide necessary skill enhancement programs. This would lead to more investment of time by clients in providing training for the hired talent those were supposed to hit the ground running. Data Edge has the right edge and have a great vision and understanding and prediction of future demands. We are one of fewest companies those staff clients with cutting edge technologies. Our talent are fully skilled and have hands on expertise which will not only save time but will increase your reputation at your clients. We offer skills aimed at helping clients identify opportunities to maximize revenues and streamline operations. With our unique approach of integrating people, p rocesses and technology, we delivered wide-ranging and value added services earning the admiration of organizations worldwide.
  • Web Development
  • Database Administration and Designing
  • Business Intelligence
  • ETL
  • Quality Automation
  • Business Analysis
  • Application Development
  • Network Infrastructure
  • ERP Implementation
  • Cloud Services & architecture