Our Values

Trust: Data edge philosophy of treating every Business partner as their only Partner and is alive in everything we do and is just one of the reasons we are emerging as the most trusted and respected name in workforce management solutions. We believe in not only Partnering with our Clients, but also win their trust by providing quality incomparable and services unmatched.

Integrity : Our Core value is never ever compromising towards the Trust and Honesty we built with Our Partners.

Transparency: Data edge aspires and ensures that Our Partners and Clients are benefited by our transparent process and Communication and its flawless execution.

Commitment:Our clients are demanding, and their standards are high and so are of Data Edge. We honestly represent our clients to Talent and our Best Talent to clients. We promise what we Delivery not compromising the Quality.

We are invested with our partners and Clients in their Success .Our Partners achieve value through accelerated time-to-productivity, flexible and effective resource allocation, higher retention rates, consistency of skills and process, more efficient knowledge transfer, and the ability to focus on results rather than staff management. We achieve value through team expansion and development and by growing a mature and trusted partnership with you.

Customer as Partner : We believe in not only making the clients as partners , but also nurture them and win their trust by providing quality incomparable and loyal services unmatched.

Team:Team Knowledge of the technologies are carefully analyzed for suitability and appropriately deployed with the solution. Team consistent focus on learning, upgrading and disseminating state of art technologies among our Client Supporting technologies. Keeping abreast with the changes is an ongoing process with regular in house training programs. Besides technologies, the engineers are trained on quality standards and personality development.

Initiative:We believe that without initiative, success is not possible.

Passion:The heart of our company is defined by our energy and love for what we do.


Dataedge Mission is to provide incomparable IT staffing and services for clients’ time-sensitive and mission critical projects through best value solutions and promoting highest standards of quality, integrity and mutual respect. We create a tailored, transparent recruitment experience, encouraging honest feedback and continual improvement.